Tuesday, September 8, 2009

lakemont ga...

This old store in Lakemont, Ga was built by my great-grandparents and has become a historical landmark in Rabun County GA. My grandmother was raised in the apartment above the store, which my great uncle and aunt lived in until just a few years ago.

Next door - was the old Lakemont Post Office - where my great-grandmother was the postmater for several years. I know that I don't have all the facts straight and I am sure that my mother will correct me.

Lakemont Georgia is home to Lake Rabun which was built by Georgia Power around 1915 to hold water in reserve for hydroelectric plants to generate electricity for homes and businesses in Atlanta and north Georgia. Now Lake Rabun is a beautiful lake surrounded by many beautiful homes. Today as I browsing my Google reader I came across this post of a pretty wedding on Lake Rabun.

I love Lakemont Ga. I love the nostalgic smell of the trees and water.


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