Tuesday, September 1, 2009

always +sometimes + never

i always::
+ shampoo first thing when i get in the shower
+ doodle when i am in church, a class, seminar, etc.
+ pray
+ have a difficult time waking up
+ say thank you
+ want to be more

i sometimes::
+ get cranky
+ do a little dance in my office when I arrive in the morning
+ let my feeds in google reader get out of control
+ need to spend time alone
+ lose my keys
+ worry that i will lose someone dear to me
+ spill food on myself when i eat
+ can't wait to have babies
+ wish that I didn't expect so much from others

i never::
+use double negatives
+ spell "convenience" correctly without spell check
+ like checking voicemail
+ got rid of one of my baby teeth
+ want to lose sight of what is important
+ watch American Idol
+ want to hurt anyone


loda said...

we love you any way--mom and logann

readingsully2 said...

Very interesting.

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