Tuesday, March 16, 2010

a curtain for the shower.....

Well internet people I have a confession to make...

I want this....
A cotton ruffled shower curtain from Urban Outfitters.

There are 2 potential problems with this:
1. It is $68 - and you guessed it - I cannot bring myself to ever pay $68 for a shower curtain.
2. I already have a surplus of shower curtains.

You see - I have this nude colored shower curtain that I have had for a few years that I have used the entire time. It is a nice shower curtain .. I mean it has served me well.. but I know it is time to retire it.

However I also have an cool IKEA shower curtain in my guest bathroom (never actually been used for a shower)

It is a fine shower curtain - and I have to say that this is not the greatest picture of it.

And I still have a yellow shower curtain that I have had for a while that I do not use anymore... It is just solid yellow - plain shower curtain, but nice... I was saving it for my little sister when I thought she was moving out on her own - but she hasn't quite gotten there yet. So I have it in the sister box for now. (just a note - the sister box is becoming boxes - and I am wondering if I need to give up on it for now and find her new stuff when she is ready to live on her own)

In the meantime - I have been spying white shower curtains that I want... there was this really pretty white waffle shower curtain at Target. It was $26 and I am too cheap for that... I didn't need it - and why spend money because I don't need it. Well Cody and I were cruising Target the other day and found this shower curtain for $12... Oh I was so excited - Just because it was the one I wanted and it was only $12..... So I bought it.

And there is one more new shower curtain - but that is another story....

Next on my shower list - is one of those shower curtain rods like that have at hotels that curves out so the shower curtain liner never touches you... (I hate to be touched by the shower curtain)

Granny if you are reading this - Just ignore the feelings you have about me having too many shower curtains I don't need - but do you think you could sew some window curtains that look like the first shower curtain. I will not be buying the $68 shower curtain.


Haute Country Vintage Co. said...

I loooove the ruffled shower curtain! but not the price :/ I'm so glad I'm not the only one with an aversion to being touched by the shower curtain, lol.

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