Tuesday, July 21, 2009

baby names....

Wow - it had definitely been awhile since I have posted here.

As some of you may know, my little sister is expecting a baby girl this September. She and I are both really excited that it is a girl... I mean what the heck do you do with a boy? And anyway girl clothes are so much funner.

I guess the real question is what she shall name the little one. I have sent her lists of names, but I think mine have been a little too exotic for her or her friend has a pet with the same name?

Here are some names I suggested::

Ellie (well I have a dog named Ellie which may deter her)
Belle (Like Beauty and the Beast)
Davis (grandfather's middle name - she thinks it doesn't sound girly - ha - it's not)
Stella (Great-grandmother's name)

She liked Sarah at first - which is fine - a little common but good. Then she switched to Caroline Grace... or Caroline Iva or at least the first name was Caroline. I really like Caroline. However the latest name is now Annie.

Annie is good. I am sure that her little girl would make an adorable Annie.
But of course - she is not set on that name just yet and that is fine - she still has 7 weeks to decide.

Her baby shower was this past weekend - which was lots of fun and she really got a lot of things she needed for the baby. I was really happy for her. One of my sister's friends came and brought her some nice blankets and sheets from her Target registry. It was really sweet - but she also told my sister that she had another gift for her - A diaper bag. She said it wasn't ready though because she was having the baby's name - Annie - embroidered on it.

My sister said that her friend asked what she was naming the baby and she told her they were thinking about Annie, but that was it.

Now my sister is thinking that she HAS to name the baby Annie because of a diaper bag. I told her she didn't - I mean this child will have this name forever. Imagine telling your daughter you named her after a diaper bag? haha... I know that she will feel bad if she doesn't name her Annie because her friend got her this nice gift. She is confused. I think it is a wee bit odd that she got the embroidery before she was 100% set on a name.

Do you think she should name the baby Annie because of the bag? What does she tell her friend if she doesn't?

Do you have any fun name suggestions?

PS - I had a dream that my sister should name the baby Mildred and call her Millie. You see - Mildred is our grandmothers name. It is really kind of an old fashioned name, but not really cool old fashioned yet. hmm....


Pansy said...

Haha she definitely shouldn't feel obligated to do so because of a bag! I do like the name Annie, though. But I also love Mildred-- I know I'm in the minority with that but I think it's pretty!

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