Monday, March 30, 2009

once upon a time...

I love old pictures - They just seem to tell a story. Just by looking at them you can imagine so many different things..

Here are some vintage and antique photographs that I have listed in my etsy shop( I still have more to list too). Just click the pics for larger images.

This lady looks sad - not sure why.. Maybe she had a really hard life. I think she looks like a Rachel.

I think she looks like a tomboy with that belt buckle on her collar .
This guy looks like a student banker - a banker that would live in Savannah Georgia

Maybe he is a young man graduating from collage - or heading to a ball.. Or maybe he the mayor

This little baby is pulling this kitties tail - maybe thinking about eating it.

This young soldier looks like he just left home - not yet been to war - or he could be Gomer Pyle-ish.


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