Monday, October 27, 2008

random thoughts monday....

Just a few random thoughts::

**I am excited about going to this auction next week at Bill's Dish Barn. That place has been closed for years and years.My mom and I have planned a "road trip" which is funny because it is only about 20 minutes away. I don't really know what to expect - but I am excited about all the old fiesta.

**I am also trying to decide what to get my sister for her 19th birthday. I was thinking about this Chi flat iron. I don't know if she wants one, but she likes to use mine - and I think that is a pretty safe bet. I would really like to take her on a trip - but I am not sure if our schedule and wallets permit that at this time of year! I will think of something.

** So excited that my mother made her first sale on ETSY. She sold an adorable cat magnet made from a recycled diet coke can. I love her magnets and she does such a good job making them and I do such a good job drinking the diet coke.

** Wondering if anyone else has as much fun as I do with the Uline catalog. I received one in the mail last week - and I want one of everything. Ok that may be weird. But I do recommend that everyone request one of their catalogs and at least give it a try.

What random thoughts are running through your head?


Mitzi said...

oooo The Uline catalog is awesome! So many great handy things in there...

Lisa B. said...

Fun with shipping...that's funny! I've never heard of them...maybe I would have fun with it too:D ?!

Your little sis is a cutie! And so are your mom's magnets!

The auction looks I'd be excited about that too!!

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