Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Happy Birthday to me..

Today is my 32nd birthday! Wow it is so hard to believe that that is my age. I have never been this old. Ever.
Ok - so I was only 29 in this picture... but its the best one I could find on my computer.

I remember when my mother was my age now - and she seemed so old to me at the time. She was a real grownup it at 32. It's funny how I don't feel like a real grown up yet. I guess it is all perspective.

I had my first birthday wishes from my mother - late last night. She sent me a really sweet email. I also had a Birthday email this morning from my boss at 6:45am. Wow - he is really on top of things.

I am heading to lunch in just a bit with some friends so that should be fun as well. So far it is a great day. Now if I just had some of my Grandma's red velvet cake .....


Sue said...

Happy birthday! I'm glad to see you on JUNKMARKET Style. Enjoy and have fun. You're only 32 once.

Take care,
Sue Whitney

Sue said...

Happy belated birthday by a few days..October birthdays are the best, mine and my daughters was on the 8th. Thanks for stopping by my blog and taking the house tour. Sue in Atlanta...

Mitzi - The Vintage List said...

Wow, we have the same birthday! Only I turned 33. boo. ;) Happy birthday!

la la Lovely said...

Happy Birthday... thanks for participating in my giveaway.. winner announced tomorrow evening!
x Trina

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